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We supports businesses to create company SharePoint intranets and holistic solutions to enable staff members to collaborate and share data and information as well as work with data and drive business processes.  Our Business Process Solutions can convert paper-based process to online automated workflows, saving you time and driving efficiency within a business, while also standardizing accounts/records and enabling detailed reporting on activity.

Dolphin Networks leverages WEBCON to meet your business process solution needs.

What Is WEBCON Business Process Solution (BPS)?

WEBCON’s clients claim to be able to build 9 out of 10 business applications they need with a single platform. WEBCON BPS is a platform to rapidly create Business Process Solutions Applications, from departmental to mission critical, without coding. WEBCON BPS is an agile and fully customizable no-code business process management system revolutionizing application delivery process and ongoing change management.

WEBCON BPS Features/Benefits

InstantChange Technology:

Allows for an agile, change management approach to business process management.

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Business Process Automation:

Streamline your business through digital transformation. Automate your processes, and engage your users.
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Rapid Application Delivery Platform:

New processes and applications can be built quickly and efficiently with a low-code / no-code solution.

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Reusability means high productivity and ease of maintenance.


WEBCON integrates naturally with SharePoint and O365, (Teams, Word and Outlook) and SQL Server, as well as having the built in ability to integrate to any data source through API’s and REST.

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Application Lifecycle Management:

A smart and proactive approach to the business application life cycle.

Mobile friendly:

With it’s own mobile app, enable access anywhere, anytime and on any device. Use the mobile camera, voice recording and touch screen electronic signatures. Also fully responsive forms through mobile browsers.

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Familer and user Friendly Interface:

With the efficient look and feel of SharePoint, handy Outlook and Word integrations and support for mobile devices, users enjoy a unified platform.

Our Services

We offer skills and experience for a wide range of process solutions varying in size and complexity. We develop, test and support your digital transformation, standardizing and automation process journey. We also ensure your users are fully trained in understanding how to gain the most benefit from your implementation. With our consultancy service, we can help your business to run more efficiently.

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