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Dolphin Networks supports businesses to create company SharePoint intranets and holistic solutions to enable staff members to collaborate and share data and information as well as work with data and drive business processes.  Our Business Process Solutions can convert paper-based process (application forms, expense claims, annual reviews, document management and search, incidents and many more) to online automated workflows for staff members to complete. This saves time and drives efficiency within a business while also standardizing accounts/records and enabling detailed reporting on activity.

Dolphin Networks leverages WEBCON as their business process solutions system. WEBCON’s clients claim to be able to build 9 out of 10 business applications they need with a single platform. Whether you need to automate common scenarios (e.g. cost approval, leave request), supportive (privileges and access management), or get to the core of your business (custom-built CRM), WEBCON BPS offers everything you need out-of-the-box.

What is WEBCON Business Process Solution?

WEBCON BPS is a platform to rapidly create Business Process Solutions Applications applications – from departmental to mission critical – without coding. It’s more than just no-code, its cutting-edge InstantChange™ technology revolutionizes the application delivery process and ongoing change management reducing time-to-business to a minimum. WEBCON BPS is an agile and fully customizable no-code business process management system.

Businesses can enjoy a unified digital platform whose goal is to make their staff more effectual and ultimately drive business growth and delivery.

WEBCON, SharePoint and Office 365 Integration

Since 2006, over 200 leading international companies have been benefitting from the full potential of the SharePoint-based Rapid Application Development platform, WEBCON BPS. The 89 points in the current Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) customer satisfaction survey makes the system a sensation in the software industry.

WEBCON BPS is a system which creates a single, convenient digital workplace that assists employees with their day-to-day tasks, with the efficient look and feel of SharePoint and handy Outlook and Word integrations and support for mobile devices.

Applications delivered with WEBCON BPS give users easy access to their tasks and most up-to-date information, while ensuring their work is carried out according to the latest best practices and procedures. It is a self-explanatory user interface and powerful personal productivity tools guarantee smiles on your users’ faces. Imagine an intranet that staff love, that allows them to get their work done efficiently within a single digital workplace, and that keeps up with the changes of today’s fast paced business.

InstantChange Technology

InstantChange™ technology revolutionizes how you build and continuously improve applications. Immediately implement changes based on feedback, new policies, and evolving requirements. Users, the board and IT all benefit from having a single environment for business applications – from supportive to mission critical.


Benefits of WEBCON BPS

  • Mobile application which enables staff to use it outside of office.
  • Enhances functionality of SharePoint.
  • One off WEBCON license fee.
  • Rapid process and form driven solutions
  • Easy integration into other data sources, creating document templates and task managements.
  • Improves process efficiency and employee productivity
  • Monitors progress and enables foresight
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Real time updates.

Solutions for Your Departments

One platform, endless possibilities

WEBCON BPS is designed for IT departments and Business Process teams of large and medium companies that need to continuously deliver enterprise-grade applications. Allowing businesses to digitalize, standardize and automate business processes, and coordinate tasks across departments and borders.

See how WEBCON BPS streamlines workflows for particular industries, with common-use scenarios and company-specific processes:

We are here to help – reach out today to learn more about we can transform your business process management systems

SharePoint Business Process Solution

  Two Month Free Trial

  Free Trial Includes

  Up to 5 Users/CALs;

  Weekly Review Consultation;

  One Bespoke Proof of Concept Process;

  Cloud Hosted by Dolphin Networks.

  Subject to Terms and Conditions


The only dedicated WEBCON blog page in the UK, feel free to read our latest blogs as seen below.

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