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Microsoft Azure and the Cloud

Here at Dolphin Networks, we offer Microsoft Azure, cloud hosting and mobile computing services to customers throughout the United Kingdom. We have a real passion for what we do, and we feel that this shows in every single one of the services that we offer.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we deliver to every single one of our customers, which is one of the main reasons why we firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call for Microsoft Azure, cloud hosting and mobile computing services. If you’d like additional information on the services that we offer, be sure to get in touch with our experienced team today.

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Technical Translations

What is Cloud Computing?

Microsoft Azure uses cloud computing technology. By using the word Cloud Computing we don’t mean the vague term that is often applied to consumer services that store your data on a remote server somewhere. What it actually means is computing as a service for companies, organisations, and even individuals who want to take advantage of it.

Traditionally, businesses would host their own web services and infrastructure. If more power was required, it would be necessary to arrange more space on their server’s hard drive.

Instead, with Cloud computing you pay for access to a large pool of data space and computing resources. So, if you are in need of more computer resources, there’s no need to purchase physical hardware and instead, a cloud service shares the work and automatically assigns it as and when its necessary. Corporations like Amazon and Google both implement a cloud computing service of their own, namely Google’s OneDrive and Amazon’s AWS. Cloud data is stored in data centers, like the one shown below (but bigger tenfold).

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What is Microsoft Azure?

You might have heard of Microsoft Azure before – it is in essence, a cloud computing service which incorporates into many areas of Microsoft’s software.

With an Office365 subscription, you get a free Azure subscription. This means you can host web services, email services, databases, file storage servers, virtual machines and anything else that you may require. With Microsoft Azure there’s no need to take risks and unnecessary costs when it comes to buying too little and then not having enough. You can host whatever you need through the cloud providing through Microsoft Azure’s server. You only pay for the computing resource that you need and, should you require more, you can easily upscale and if you require less, you don’t need to pay for more than you need.

The Microsoft Azure Logo

What can Microsoft Azure do?

Microsoft Azure’s website hosts a range of different services that you can utilize including:

  • File Storage
  • Back Ups
  • Services and accessibility from Mobile and Web apps
  • Databases
  • Full virtual machines


This system can handle much more than just windows. This will allow you to run either Windows or Linux, whichever you prefer, there’s lots of services available, you can practically do anything and everything.

We all need our information to hand whenever and wherever we are. We always need to be connected and informed, not just when we are tied to the desk, and Microsoft Azure allows it.

Customize your experience further

Even wider range of services and functionality

We can offer our clients a sizable discount on your hosting needs, as well as our expertise and years of experience being Microsoft Certified consultants.

We are also a Rackspace certified Partner. Being a multi-provider partner enables us to offer our clients a wider range of services, as well as an option for hosted services that absolutely must be online 24/7. In the unlikely event that one service provider should go down, we can move your application over to the other provider to prevent a service interruption.

Why does your Business need Microsoft Azure?

Save in workforce

If you were to build your own hosting infrastructure, there would be a high cost in hardware, staff and time.
Businesses are already moving to the cloud for better performance and pricing.

You pay for what you use

There is no upfront cost in the Azure server. You don’t need to take risks or pay for extra cloud space, just pay for what you use.

You won’t worry about security anymore

Security is ensured in a Microsoft Azure server, as Microsoft commits to high standards of data security and protection.

You can run any tools

The Microsoft Azure server is not only for Windows apps and services, it can run anything, on your operating system of choice.

Learn more about Azure servers

Where did all the servers go?

It seems that over the last few years, large noisy server rooms full of racks of wires, routers, servers and gadgets that no one dares to touch have mysteriously disappeared.

But where did it all go? And why?

Well, in the large majority of cases it got moved into the cloud. To keep things simple and in perspective, all those noisy server rooms jammed full of wires and equipment still exist. They just got a whole lot bigger….incredibly bigger!

Large providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM (and many others) have built large farms of server rooms called data centres around the globe and rent out chunks of their resources by using virtual computing technology. That’s a very simplified explanation. In reality it’s much more complex and technical than that but using cloud technology actually is very simple and extremely flexible.

Dolphin Networks have built SharePoint, Business Intelligence and data warehousing projects for many clients using cloud computing. The power, speed of implementation and flexibility coupled with extremely competitive costs means that we can deliver project quicker and scale resources up and down in a few minutes to suit the requirements of our clients.

Invesco testimonial

Written by Kirstie Loft on 3rd May 2015
I have worked closely with Dolphin Networks over the past year to develop our online SharePoint hosted facilities management business intelligence portal, “PRISM”. During which time, I have relied heavily on both the expertise and patience in application delivery provided by Dolphin Networks whilst we worked together as part of a small team to identify and resolve various challenges in establishing the system and the link to the data warehouse that they have created.

The team at Dolphin Networks has always made themselves available to look into any issues encountered within a short time span and keeps all parties up to date, presenting options where available and clearly explaining all elements of any processing changes. I am incredibly grateful to Dolphin Networks for all their support during this period.

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