Dolphin Networks

Dolphin Networks SharePoint and Office 365 HelpDesk…

…is our way of providing support, service and troubleshooting capabilities to companies with a SharePoint and/or Office 365 implementation who need to add an extra layer of help to their IT staff, or completely outsource their HelpDesk service.

Costs and Options

Option A

£29 per month

£15 per 15 minutes of support. 60 free minutes.

Option B

£59 per month

£10 per 15 minutes of support. 120 free minutes.

Option C

£0 – no sign up contract

£20 per 15 minutes of support. 0 free minutes. (1 hour minimum charge)

(Support is offered Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm GMT excluding weekends and public holidays. If you need support outside of these hours then please speak to us.)
Of course this isn’t an extensive list of the services we offer : we are happy to create a tailored package to suit your needs.

SharePoint and Office 365 HelpDesk offers support, expertise and administrative help to include the following:

  • Managing permissions and security groups : one of the most common issues with SharePoint is the management of permissions and groups. Pretty soon things can get very complex, with a sprawling mass of groups with varying permissions. Let us take away the headache and sort this out for you.
  • First level help with “how to…” problems : how many times have you been interrupted with a simple question. Something that takes seconds to answer, but can drain hours out of your day. We will take this away and be your users / IT staff’s first port of call.
  • Troubleshooting error messages : some error messages are simple to understand, whereas others can lead to a couple of hours of digging around, researching and untangling. We will gladly be your one stop shop to not only understand but to rectify these error messages for you, and stop them from happening again.
  • Dealing with ad-hoc user problems : these issues can come at any moment, and can impact any part of your SharePoint farm. We will be there to repair and resolve these issues for you.
  • Administration tasks such as checking backups and patches : These are the tasks that can feel never ending. Let Dolphin Networks remove the Groundhog Day feeling that you have each time it’s Back Up and Patching time.
  • Adhering to policy and governance : users will try all they can to find shortcuts and easier ways of doing things. Many times these are fine, but occasionally this can lead to policies being ignored and governance issues arising. We will set up your SharePoint system to make sure that these breaches don’t happen.
  • Consulting issues and general questions : Sometimes you just want to know what your best options are to deal with a problem or improve a business process. Let us offer you our experience, knowledge and expertise for the best advice on general issues and areas that you would like to improve on.

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