What is .NET?

.NET is a powerful development framework from Microsoft that can be run on any platform – apps that can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more recently, iOS and Android.

Developing a project with .NET allows you to take full control of a solution’s appearance and functionality down to the finest details. .NET powers both applications and websites.

We have talented Microsoft qualified staff who are expert Microsoft .NET developers. If you choose us to deliver your project we can guarantee you’ll get the best deal for hosting the solution in Azure.

.NET Features



.NET is an ever-evolving framework, keeping up with the rapidly changing world of computers and the Internet. It has historically received frequent updates; starting with .NET 5 released in 2020, the framework receives major upgrades annually in November. Each major upgrade brings in a lot of new features and further possibilities for what your applications can achieve and how you can deliver them. In between major releases, there are frequent bug-fix minor releases, as well as security patches. This means that your applications will always be safe and secure for both you and your users.



Unlike low code platforms that are more geared to allowing you to achieve the 'closest fit' to your application or business needs in a very short amount of time, .NET allows developers to tailor their solutions to match client requirements and branding very specifically to every last detail. This is because everything is coded from scratch rather using templates. In addition, there are unparalleled expansion opportunities to bring in more functionality that .NET might not provide out the box. All this expanded functionality can be embedded directly into your application rather than needing to rely on external APIs.

Open Source Community

Open Source

In 2014, with the launch of .NET Core to succeed the previous .NET Framework, .NET became an open-source project. This means that not only are there no licensing fees for the vast majority of development scenarios, but there is a large active community of developers constantly improving on the framework and also creating their own libraries for .NET. These libraries can then be leveraged by any .NET developer into their own applications, and can range from simple utilities to entire platforms.

Runs Anything

Runs anything

.NET is a very powerful framework. It can power, mobile apps, server applications, background tasks, serverless computing, and can even manage your computer’s hardware directly. As a result, it proves to be a very successful and reliable platform on which to build your next application – whether that be a simple website, a complex data-driven web application using MVC, a server hardware management suite, or a mobile app.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Historically, the .NET Framework was focused around Windows-based environments, whether desktop or web. However, with the progression to .NET Core, and now simply .NET, your applications can now run on any platform. This allows you to bypass traditional platform requirements and open up engagement to a wider range of customers and users.

CLI Tools

Command Line Tools

.NET has a command line package which can be executed on any platform with the dotnet runtime installed, meaning you can compile a project in the cloud to support continuous delivery / continuous integration environments. There are also other tools in the command line to help automate various operations with your applications, such as backups of the source code.

Our .NET Development Portfolio

DCTR - .NET Web Application Build
DCTR - .NET Web Application Build
Leightons - Business Intelligence Reporting through SSRS & Power BI
Leightons - Business Intelligence Reporting through SSRS & Power BI
Mace - Enterprise Survey Tool & Data Gateway
Mace - Enterprise Survey Tool & Data Gateway

Our .NET Services

Web Application Development

Web App Development

We can design your public facing website and optimise it for SEO; we can develop your client portal and utilise the power of .NET Identity so that each user logs in and sees exactly what they are allowed to see. We use the ASP.NET Core MVC architecture to keep development simple.

Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing

Using the powerful features within the Azure cloud we can set up cloud jobs to run on a schedule, such as taking a database backup at midnight. We can also build your REST API on Azure Functions and allow you to pay per use or lock in cost savings by reserving computational resources for a month.

Integrate Solutions and Platforms

Integrate Services

We can build an API to act as a middle man between two platforms; we have previously built multiple command line applications to automate the flow of data between WEBCON BPS and external vendor software. In addition to this we can host REST APIs within the Azure cloud and design a SharePoint web part / Power BI portal to roll up data from the API.


Extend on-premises SharePoint

We can design bespoke visual web parts for SharePoint 2016 and onwards. If you have multiple front end servers in your farm we can deploy the web part at any time of the day with no downtime.

Write single Applications for any Device

Write a single application for every device

Using the brand new .NET MAUI framework coming next year, we can build a single application using .NET that builds itself to run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS - no more paying to deploy onto each platform!

Bespoke Platforms

Bespoke Platforms

We can design and tailor your solution exactly how you want it. We can create anything from data driven portals, simple web forms, to international enterprise survey tools. The possibilities are endless.