Business Process Enablement with SharePoint

Step into a world where business processes are easily managed, where data flows exactly how it should, where bottlenecks are identified quickly, and process reports are generated with the click of a button.

VOTED ‘Best Office 365 Add In’ at the European SharePoint Community Awards 2015

  • It eliminates the need for writing code
  • Forms, workflow and document generation in one integrated toolkit
  • Leverages more use out of your SharePoint
  • Integrates with Office 365 delivering flexible, agile and mobile business process management
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems
  • No need for full SharePoint licences/eCALs
  • Enables power users to manage their own processes
  • Provides clear visibility of the process
  • Permits easily accessible information for reporting
  • A more cost effective solution than software development services
    The mobile app enables users to complete steps while on the move

FlowForma is a proven business process enablement tool. Built for business power users, FlowForma enables organisations to seamlessly build-out online processes. From the simple everyday to the more complex process, FlowForma permits its customers to drive business process efficiency simply and intuitively.

FlowForma’s business rules engine focuses on simplifying the complex and boasts features such as the ability to send data to SQL stored procedures, looking up and passing data from lists, and connecting forms seamlessly based on rule actions.

It supports LEAN methodologies with both real-time and historical activity reporting, allowing business managers to drill into and understand bottlenecks in their processes.

It also supports ATOM feeds, enabling Power BI to leverage the data and output more complex reports.

With features such as document generation, conversion and business rules, FlowForma provides an end-to-end solution that incorporates data capture, business logic and document assembly as an output for business processes.

The product integrates directly with your SharePoint (on/off premise) to leverage all the benefi ts that this powerful collaboration platform provides, including document management, lists, views, and Power BI.

From healthcare bodies and pharmaceutical companies to manufacturers and professional services companies, FlowForma has developed a strong customer base across Ireland, the UK, Europe and North America.

FlowForma’s customers include: Aspen, Grant Thornton, GOAL, United Drug, Total Produce, Eurofound and the NHS.

1 – Healthcare: Performance Appraisal :
Performance appraisal is a time consuming and tedious process in most sectors, but in healthcare this is often amplified given the size of these organisations and the complexities of contracts. A number of hospitals are utilising FlowForma to accelerate this process and provide clear visibility to Heads of HR with regards to status, bottlenecks etc. One hospital has rolled out self-assessment through the tool, where results are instantly received by HR.

2 – Pharmaceutical: Pharmacovigilance :
Pharmaceuticals are utilising FlowForma to manage their pharmacovigilance process. It provides them with the ability to accurately and securely collect, assess, and monitor defects with their products. FlowForma’s ability to log and time stamp data makes audits seamless.

3 – FMCG: Innovation :
Businesses within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector are utilising FlowForma to assist them in adding structure and formality to their approach to open innovation, allowing them to capture feedback and ideas from customers, suppliers and employees. The structure brought to this process from using FlowForma is enabling these organisations to innovate quicker and gain a competitive advantage.

4 – Insurance: Form Automation & Collaboration :
A number of insurance companies have deployed FlowForma to overcome their challenge with paper-based forms. By using FlowForma to turn these paper-based processes into online processes, these organisations are seeing increased productivity and collaboration across multiple departments.

Dolphin Networks became a UK distributor / partner of FlowForma in March 2016. Impressed by the incredibly simple to use interface and endless functionality provided by the FlowForma product, we could see huge potential in offering this tool as an option to our clients for all their business process enablement needs, as well as a solution for them to easily work with data using the mobile capabilities whilst out of the office.


FlowForma, the leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) tools for Microsoft Office 365® has been revolutionizing the traditional BPM space with an innovative approach to developing award winning BPM products that empower users to create and streamline processes smarter and faster, utilising the familiar SharePoint platform, without any coding.

FlowForma is a Microsoft Partner, with over 60 customers and 75,000 users across Europe, South Africa and North America. The company is headquartered in Dublin with offices in London and Boston and is motivated by its values to innovate, evolve and achieve with employees, customers and partners.

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