SharePoint 2010 End of Life

SharePoint 2010 End of Life and Migration

On April 13th 2021 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will reach its end of life. You may be wondering ‘what should I do when SharePoint 2010 reaches end of life?’. Well, this blog will explain the risks of not migrating your SharePoint site and the options you have available to you. All options below can be done by Dolphin Networks.

So, why is it important not to be using software that’s reached its end of life? Well, to start off with your system is now at serious risk to cyber-attacks. In the case of Microsoft SharePoint 2010, which is currently on extended support, it currently receives security updates when there are new ways of entering the system without permissions and blocks them. When SharePoint 2010 reaches its end of life on April 13th 2021, these updates will no longer be rolled out, meaning any security flaws will not be fixed, such news quickly spreads between hackers and now the system is at high risk of being breached. Other issues with using software that has reached end of life includes bugs which will never be fixed, lack of compatibility with new software, compatibility issues with new operating systems, lack of cloud features among many others.

How Can I Get My SharePoint 2010 Migrated?

The way SharePoint Migration works involves moving all the site data to each newer version of SharePoint until you reach the version you desire, here at Dolphin we can achieve this as well as setting up features which are not available on SharePoint 2010! The simplest migration would be to move to SharePoint 2013, which end of life is in 2023. SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019, which are the next two versions of SharePoint ends in 2026. If you want to migrate to SharePoint Online, it becomes a little tricky. The simpler way we achieve these migrations is using a third-party migration tool called Sharegate, however, this tool is not always an option. The alternative method involves replicating the site structure and then copying each library from the old site to the new one individually.

Which Version of SharePoint Should I Migrate To?

If you’re happy with the classic SharePoint layout and local hosting, you will be saving the same file types and not looking to grow dramatically then migrating to SharePoint 2013 for three years is a good progressive option. If you want to move to a modern SharePoint site then going to SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2019 for six years is a great option, note that we will have to migrate to SharePoint 2013 first, and in the case of going to SharePoint 2019 a SharePoint 2016 version too. SharePoint Online includes all the features above including cloud hosting with mobile and tablet versions.

We hope this blog has helped you in your SharePoint 2010 migration questions. If you have any more questions then feel free to contact Dolphin Networks, email: phone: +44 (0) 203 6952848. For examples of our migration projects then see our Volkswagen and Aecom case studies. Remember no project is too big or small for Dolphin Networks, we would with businesses of all sizes all around the globe.


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