SharePoint – Creating a Link in a Document Library


Creating a Link in a Document Library

Document libraries are great places for storing many different documents associated with collaboration tasks where we need to centralise information in a single place for a team to review.

However, there are time when information is useful to a project, but is not something that can be uploaded to the Document Library.

SharePoint provides within the Document Library’s NEW Document drop down window the opportunity to ‘Link’ to an external reference and show this in the Library. This feature is only in the New Look and not shown in the ‘Classic View’.

Here’s the good bit – The link can be a URL or even a You Tube Video. This is fantastic because when coming together as a team the information you may need to complete a project may not always be a Document. Perhaps the knowledge you need on the project might be a Video or external WEB site that contains relevant information. Additionally, you can link to a document held in a different Library on SharePoint


So for the sake of clearly demonstrating the usefulness of this feature we will click the Link option seen above where to the right of the screen a panel will open to add a link.

In this example I have entered this URL: which is a link to the BBC Good Food guide to Cakes and Baking. The second link I added was to a You Tube video. The results are shown below.

The important thing to take away here is that your document library can now hold Documents and External Links that will mean your team has any type of reference they may need to complete their project in on central place.

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