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SharePoint Developers – How To Find The Best One For You

SharePoint developers are widely available today to help you to make the most of this platform for your business. They enable you to utilise data better while cutting expenses in the process. Of course, you can download SharePoint directly yourself, but if you work with a SharePoint designer they make sure that the platform is customised with a unique set of tools so that you can achieve optimal efficiency. Needless to say, this is only the case if you choose developers with care. So, what should you be looking for?

SharePoint Development

Our team at Dolphin Networks have carried out SharePoint development for many clients throughout the UK. Providing an outstanding and dedicated service, our developers aim to go the extra mile for our clients to ensure they expectations are not only met but exceeded. Over the years we have developed SharePoint for many different types of clients, and no matter what your requirements might be, we have you covered. You only have to read our testimonials to see the feedback our clients have given us.

As Microsoft Certified Professionals, our SharePoint developers have all of the skills and knowledge needed to provide a host of services and solutions. We specialise in SharePoint development solutions for all aspects of intranet and extranet. Having bespoke development carried out for your business, will improve collaboration, document handling, manage web applications, increase decision making speed and it will also means you can build and host websites on the cloud or on premise.

We believe we provide unrivalled SharePoint development services. No matter what your reason for needing a developer for SharePoint might be, we’ll ensure a professional service is provided and all of your requirements are met. We are capable of carrying out development using a number of formats such as XML, JQuery, SQL, .NET and many more. With our bespoke development service, we can create a custom solution that’s tailored around your needs and the requirements of your business.


Hiring A SharePoint Designer To Address Underutilisation

SharePoint boasts a whole host of exciting and beneficial features, yet it is a platform that is underutilised by many companies. There are a number of different reasons why this is the case. One of the reasons could be your company’s structure. SharePoint is designed to improve efficiencies. If your business does not have the structure to buy into this philosophy, you won’t use SharePoint to its maximum capacity. To rectify this, you need to shift the culture to create SharePoint use reliance. SharePoint should be treated as a ‘live’ tool that requires on-going use. SharePoint developers and consultants can provide expert advise on integrating SharePoint into your business the right way. If you hire SharePoint developers, they can also help through the implementation phase, which is another area where a lot of companies are going wrong. Your employees may not understand how to use the tool effectively; the features may be unclear and there may be a lack of clarity regarding who is responsible for leveraging the tool. This leads to missed opportunities with regards to optimising processes, sharing information, and collaborating. By engaging experts, you can provide internal training on an on-going basis to ensure employees are using SharePoint to full effect. It’s also important to continue to communicate why you have implemented the platform and what the benefits of the key features are. Employees are much more likely to be on board with something if they can see the benefits that are offered.


Take Your Business To A New Level With A Senior SharePoint Developer

Another reason for underutilisation is the perception that there is a steep learning curve. Again, this can be addressed with the assistance of a SharePoint developer. A senior SharePoint developer will know how to turn the tool into a bespoke platform for your business, ensuring it is optimised for the very best results for you. This will result in maximising your ROI, reducing organisational costs, increased functionality, improved productivity, and a competitive edge. A SharePoint web developer knows how to create custom workflows that are right for your organisation. They will streamline your processes, enabling you to operate at maximum efficiency levels. They can also extend the capabilities of the platform while developing custom solutions and features that will provide critical functionality.

This is a great way to give your business a competitive edge. You can also use SharePoint’s performance analysis and review features to spot opportunities for improvement. A developer will set up the right KPIs, interactive dashboards, and reporting formats for your organisation and your objectives. All of this results in greater efficiency and improved profits while reducing costs at the same time. You will realise both financial and fundamental returns, especially as an expert Sharepoint consultant will be able to integrate SharePoint with any other enterprise applications you use, for example, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This reduces development costs and increases output, and is something that Dolphin Networks UK Ltd can help you to achieve.

Developing SharePoint

At Dolphin Networks, we have been developing SharePoint solutions for individual and businesses across the country for many years. When creating a custom solution or extending your current SharePoint, we’ll offer four main options. Each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, however our expert team are always on hand to provide guidance and assistance to ensure SharePoint development is the best solution for you.

  1. SharePoint Solutions
  2. JavaScript Injection
  3. SharePoint Framework
  4. SharePoint Add-ins


We believe in find the most appropriate SharePoint development solution for our clients. That’s why we work closely with them, to ensure we fully understand their exceptions and requirements. For more information on what we offer or to speak to a SharePoint developer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of the Dolphin Networks team are always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

SharePoint Development Service

Our team of SharePoint developers offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients. We believe in providing an effective technology platform that supports your business and its functions to help it run for efficiently and effectively. No matter what type of development you might need, our experience team have all of your needs covered. SharePoint developing can benefit your business in a number of ways such with the following elements:

  • Shared Calendars
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Case Management
  • Intranet
  • Content Management
  • Helpdesk Services


Over the years we have developed SharePoint for many different businesses and clients. Custom development means we can create the perfect solution for your requirements. With all development of SharePoint carried out in-house, you can count on Dolphin Networks to provide you with a professional service.

SharePoint for Business
SharePoint Online

General SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a versatile development platform that is designed to be adapted with add-ins and bespoke development. With numerous possible applications, it’s the perfect solution for businesses that need to address a wide range of things. Understanding the features, technologies, capabilities means SharePoint can be developed to suit business’s needs. SharePoint development can be carried out by trained and experienced developers, which allows for bespoke software solutions to be created.

Why Choose Dolphin Networks For SharePoint Development?

We have been offering our SharePoint development service to clients throughout the UK for many years. With a team of experienced SharePoint developers, we have all of the skills and knowledge needed to provide a professional and efficient development service. Having listened to our customer feedback, we believe some of the reasons you should choose us for SharePoint development are:

  • Team of professional SharePoint Developers
  • Years of experience with SharePoint
  • Can carry out bespoke SharePoint Development
  • Always on hand to provide assistance
  • Well-known for the development service we offer
SharePoint Developers

SharePoint Developing for Your Business

If you’re considering developing SharePoint for your business, then be sure to get in touch with the experts at Dolphin Networks. Our team of SharePoint developers have a wealth of experience between them and will ensure that a custom platform is created for your business. No matter what your requirements might be, we can design and develop it for you. Having carried out Microsoft SharePoint development for many years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service we provide. Get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to discuss your development needs.

Expert SharePoint Developers - Dolphin Networks UK Ltd

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the benefits of SharePoint, as well as the reasons for underutilisation and how this can be addressed. Hiring a SharePoint designer and developer is the only way to ensure your business is using the platform to optimal level and reaping the best results. Dolphin Networks UK Ltd is a leading SharePoint developer, and we have exactly what you need. With our level of experience, you won’t be disappointed. Our team is diverse and reliable, and our solutions are proven. To find out more about what we can do for you, please head to If you have any queries, simply email, or give us a call on +44 (0) 203 695 2848.

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SharePoint Developers – Frequently Asked Questions

A SharePoint developer is someone who specialise in developing SharePoint. With endless capabilities for adaptations and add-ons the possibilities for SharePoint are nearly limitless. Our SharePoint developers have all of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional and efficient service is provided. No matter what your SharePoint development requirements might be, we have all of your needs covered.

The cost of SharePoint development depends on a number of factors such as your reasons for using SharePoint and the amount of development required. As one of the leading companies offering SharePoint development in the areas, we offer some of the most competitive quotes for bespoke SharePoint development.

SharePoint in an all in one office collaboration system. Using SharePoint can help to meet a wide array of business needs. As a software platform it allows for adaptations to be made, meaning it can be customised to suit your businesses needs. SharePoint can be used for a number of applications such as document collaboration, organisation, data analysis, automated business process and much more. Get in touch with Dolphin Networks today to speak to a SharePoint developer to see what it can do for you business.

SharePoint online is a cloud based service that allows for organisation, sharing, and collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers. SharePoint online means you can access internal websites, documents and other information; whether you’re based at the office, home or from a mobile device. SharePoint on premises is when your local IT gurus manage your SharePoint from an in company data centre.

If you’re interested in having SharePoint development carried out, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dolphin Networks. Our team of SharePoint developers are always on hand to help and assist. We have years of experience in the industry and are well-known for the service we offer to our customers. Get in touch today to find out more.

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