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Co-Authoring a document in SharePoint Online:-

Have you ever been under pressure to complete a document, spread sheet, or presentation where you need other people to add content to the document in order to finish the task.

In the past this would have been a nightmare because you would have had to circulate the document round you co-workers gathering their input, or having them all modify the document and facing the problem of merging all the various inputs.

Finally, if you spotted something that did not fit right or contradictions between people you were into revision mode. All time consuming and tiresome when faced with a deadline.


If this has been you then you need to embrace Co-Authoring of documents. This is part of Microsoft’s concept of ‘Document Sharing’ that allows a single document to be shared to a number of users who can all edit the document at the same time.

Everybody can then see who is editing what part of the document with that part locked out to other users so as to ensure only one person can edit a given part at any time. You and your co-workers are free to edit other parts of the document. This enables many people to edit the same document at the same time whilst seeing what other people are contributing.

Please note that if anyone notices something they might question they can immediately get on the phone or use Skype for Business to discuss and resolve. Potentially eliminating disconnects normally not seen till later when not Co-Authoring.

To use this process simply look to the top right of a document and click the share button.
Add the people who will be working with you on the document including a short message inviting then to join in. Clicking the blue Share button in the pop out window will send them an Email Invite.



Hopefully this will give you the hint to consider using this process where documents require multiple inputs, and people need to Share and see what other people are contributing.


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