Learn more about Dolphin's clients and what they say about our work with SharePoint and SQL BI.

Regester Larkin

Written by Regester Larkin on 31st August 2016:

Dolphin Networks helped us integrate our systems and further develop their utility. Within a very short timeframe they helped us resolve some immediate issues and implement a consistent approach and easier navigation. Dolphin Networks HelpDesk continues to support our staff, providing excellent value for money, knowledgeable consultants and a flexible and engaging approach. They are always on hand to offer advice and support when we need it and we would highly recommend them.

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Written by Carrie Smith on 19th July 2016:

We would like to thank the Team at Dolphin Networks for their excellent support and professionalism during the implementation of our SharePoint Intranet. They understood our brief from the start and delivered a site that met our expectations. They are very responsive to any issues and have been extremely patient whilst we have been learning the system and we would highly recommend them.

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Optimum Golf Technologies

Written by Oliver Clark on 19th June 2016:

Good SharePoint consultants are not easy to find. We know that from experience. Our first consultant developed a system that was un-intuitive and was hard to navigate. Consequently, our staff failed to engage with it, which led to fractured systems that were uncoordinated and inefficient. We wasted a lot of time and money – directly and indirectly – and frankly it was a huge inconvenience to the business. We continued the search for a company that gave us the confidence that they could do something different, and who were also reasonably priced – not an easy task. But we found Dolphin and everything has changed. Andy and his team understand what a business needs – they are business people themselves – and they know how to develop a SharePoint system that delivers what your business needs. And in fact our system now delivers a lot more than I thought was possible. We are not a huge company but we now have an intranet system that I thought only large companies could have. This means our staff are more engaged with our business, are more informed and up to date as to what is going on, and also have a bit more fun along the way. And everyone now knows where to find the files, tools and information they need to do their jobs properly – which was of course the core reason for developing it in the first place. We would highly recommend Dolphin to anyone looking to develop their SharePoint environment, or wanting to understand what SharePoint can actually do for their business.

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Sandberg Translation Partners

Written by Joe Jeffries on 7th January 2016:

The team at Dolphin Networks have been superb from start to finish. They took, understood and delivered our brief with no fuss, and have created a SharePoint intranet that we’re all very proud of. The technical side of SharePoint can be fairly daunting for inexperienced users, but Andy and his team have been endlessly patient, helpful and receptive to our needs. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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Written by Steve Capper (Global CIO) on 23rd October 2015:

Dolphin Networks has completed several SharePoint, Business Intelligence and web development projects for us. They are always on-hand and ready to mobilise on a project right when we need them, sometimes at very short notice but always with the right people and skills to get the job done. Their flexibility to service our needs from the start with minimal lead time, and their ability to completely understand our requirements immediately is why we have used them for outsourcing requirements and why we will continue to use them. Results, speed of delivery and a cost effective professional service is what we need for our dynamic and demanding business. Dolphin Networks has delivered this to us time and time again.

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Written by Kirstie Loft on 3rd May 2015:

I have worked closely with Dolphin Networks over the past year to develop our online SharePoint hosted facilities management business intelligence portal, “PRISM”. During which time, I have relied heavily on both the expertise and patience in application delivery provided by Dolphin Networks whilst we worked together as part of a small team to identify and resolve various challenges in establishing the system and the link to the data warehouse that they have created. The team at Dolphin Networks has always made themselves available to look into any issues encountered within a short time span and keeps all parties up to date, presenting options where available and clearly explaining all elements of any processing changes. I am incredibly grateful to Dolphin Networks for all their support during this period.

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Written by Nick Donaldson on 12th February 2015:

I have worked with Dolphin Networks over the past year, as we have been building a performance reporting and BI portal for our facilities management. This has been extremely complex, as I have requirements specific to my client as well as the needs of our business, and Dolphin Networks has been a fantastic support for me as we’ve worked through this. Now I have a portal that provides performance information to my client, as well meaningful management information to me. As other systems and data feed into the SharePoint hosted BI portal, it acts as a top hat solution – a one stop shop for myself and the client side Facilities Management teams to obtain important operational data and performance information. The reactive service Dolphin Networks has provided is excellent. Often there have been complex problems that we have had to work through, that I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve on my own. Then there are the time critical issues, and often the developers at Dolphin Networks has set up web conferences on the spot to try and work through problems. Sometimes I have really bombarded them with challenges, and they have always responded promptly and honestly. I don’t believe we’d be where we are today without having Dolphin Networks as a partner.

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Mace Macro

Written by Philippa Beale on 20th November 2014:

Dolphin Networks has been instrumental in the development of our online SharePoint hosted BI reporting platform, consistently bringing new ideas and processes to us that have enabled the implementation of a new and effective system across our global business.  They are responsive to any issues, offering quick resolutions or clear plans on improvements.  The value they bring to the project is extensive and we have been fortunate to have them on board as part of this project and into the future.

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