The Future of SharePoint

The Future of SharePoint

Global multinational technology giant, Microsoft recently hosted a SharePoint Virtual Summit, where a range of exciting new SharePoint innovations were shared. The new SharePoint involves reality tech, Microsoft is also integrating new AI capabilities to the platform and a host of other upcoming updates and changes, here’s a rundown of what’s new and upcoming with SharePoint.

SharePoint Spaces

Mixed reality is coming to SharePoint with the introduction of SharePoint spaces, these are new mixed reality experiences within the program that let you view and interact with content from every angle whilst visualising and changing the data and products models in real time. These can also be used for creating 3D visualisations for orientation, training programs, product models and an array of other important enterprise functions.

Al Innovations

AI is also making its mark on SharePoint, Microsoft is introducing a new personalised and intelligent search feature under the Find tab, a Recommended section in that provides suggestions for files or actions that the program thinks might require your attention, smart photo features in Office 365 and cognitive services for business process automation. These new features are all meant to make the experience within SharePoint programs be much more intuitive, saving teams time and helping them to identify the most relevant and important tasks and documents.

Other SharePoint Innovations

In addition to the two areas mentioned above, there’ s also a range of other new features SharePoint innovations coming to the programs within the SharePoint platform. First Microsoft is bringing the SharePoint document library experience to Microsoft Teams, allowing users to enjoy more control over their files. There’s also a new feature in SharePoint pages, this will let you communicate news and informational with rich web parts that integrate content from sources across Office 365 and beyond. In 2019 plans include Microsoft introducing the new SharePoint server 2019, this includes powerful on-premises and hybrid solutions as well as automated migration capabilities.

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