The Pros and Cons of SharePoint

This system plays a big role in some of the largest businesses around today, with constant updates made to the software frequently, users tend to either agree or disagree with the system. Take a look below as we evaluate the pros and cons…

The Pros

Cloud Accessibility

Allowing intranet users to be more collaborative with each other when it comes to documentation. Items can also be uploaded to the cloud through the intranet portal and accessed by authorised users, then saved again by users when necessary.

Mobile Access Features

One of the original 2010 versions of SharePoint was supposed to have extensive mobile capabilities, but it feels short. These expectations have finally been met with the latest version and now mobile access is enhanced so workers can access the data they require, whenever they need to.

Social Networking Option are Available

The previous versions of SharePoint included no social networking options available at all. This has now been changed and allows employees to interact with each other easily. Groups, teams and individuals can all be linked to each other through the intranet so that documentation, messages or needs can be exchanged quickly.

Microsoft Office Integration

Businesses today are using MS Office software products to meet their administration requirements. Unlike other platforms, the tools are created and saved through MS Office and compatible with SharePoint. This also includes app stores and the opportunity to create custom apps personalised to the user experience.

Easier to Brand

Microsoft prohibits certain changes to the platform, but the ability to add branding to the core design is easy to do. It’s easy to change the look of the pages so if you aren’t keen on Microsoft’s classic blue and white experience that SharePoint typically provides, you can change it. This will provide a better look and feel for the end product and create a better overall reception for those who are using it for their work requirements.

Safe and Secure

Microsoft has enhanced the authentication and authorisation protocols on SharePoint, so user access can be completely individualised. Workers now have access to all of the areas of the system that they need and none of it that they don’t need. Even those users who are proficient in changing their access levels may struggle to get where they’re not meant to be, this all thanks to the improvements that have been made.


The Cons

Customisation Warnings

SharePoint has added customisation options for those that implement this system, but Microsoft in fact, discourages this. So, whilst customisation can help businesses to better tailor their system experience, SharePoint may make this more complex so that you don’t.

Search Requires Internal Customisation

People who use SharePoint may find themselves underwhelmed by the search experience, this is compared to how fast people can find lost files on the average PC today, search systems can be difficult at best. Internal IT professionals will need to spend a lot of time customising the platform to make it more useful.

Separate Social Networking

When it comes to sharing through the system, users must navigate through the main system in order to read their newsfeeds or access their preferred sites. The user experience in this area can be difficult at best and non-functional at worse, this means that the gains seen in the social experience tend to require extensive training for average workers to understand how to access them.


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