WEBCON Partner Day 2019

WEBCON Partner Day 2019

Dolphin Networks attended International WEBCON Partner Day on 22nd Nov 2019 in Krakow.  An elite event for WEBCON’s associates to share best practices and exchange experiences working with WEBCON Business Process Solutions. Over 40 WEBCON Partners were in attendance from all around Europe including Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, The UK, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Ireland.

WEBCON hosted awards to honour Partners who were most committed to promoting the platform and achieved best business results in 2018. Dolphin Networks, CEO Andy Taylor received the award for ‘The Highest Sales Dynamics in 2018’. Dolphin Networks is the main UK Partner for WEBCON Business Process Solutions.

It was a great pleasure to receive the award from WEBCON for the best sales strategy approach in 2018. For us as a Webcon UK partner and re-seller of the award-winning business process management solution, it was a great compliment to our whole team that we are moving forward with our marketing and sales approach to drive the brand and powerful functionality of this incredibly versatile platform.”  Andy Taylor Nov 2019

WEBCON Partners came to share knowledge, opinions, best practices and novel WEBCON Business Process Solution implementations. Dolphin Networks shared best practice working in partnership with EPUKI www.epuki.co.uk

EPUKI Power Station is a 2000MW coal-field power plant, responsible for powering over 2 million homes in the UK every day. Eggborough aim to be the safest power plant in the world through modernising the plant with recent technology. EPUKI required one digitised data management system for all the stations which allowed them to:

-record actions taken in the company

-report incidents, accidents and near misses

-manage and created documents and procedures

-produce analytical reports

-create a holistic system with the flexibility to build, evolve and supplement with additional features as the needs of the business change.

WEBCON provided that solution as it allows each user to have a bespoke, security driven experience, giving them access to the tools and documents only they have permission to see. All the data that is processed through the system is then collated and presented in charts and diagrams on the intranets dashboard though Microsoft Business Intelligence and reporting tools.

If you feel your business could benefit from moving to, or upgrading your current digital platform, with data integration, e-signatures, mobile app, flexible instant change workflow, low-code and rapid delivery, (plus many other features), then please contact us for a free no-obligation demo and proof of concept tailored to your business.


Would you like to learn more or have questions – simply email enquires@consultdolphin.com to arrange a free Business Process Solution Consultation.

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