What is WEBCON and Why Should You Use It?

What is WEBCON?

WEBCON Business Process Suite (BPS) is a comprehensive platform for Microsoft SharePoint to manage documents and business processes in your organisation. What distinguishes this system from other solutions are primarily; completeness, efficiency, scalability and flexibility.
With its unique engine workflow, external database and open architecture, WEBCON BPS enables an efficient handling of the most complex of processes whilst still integrating with other IT Solutions that are used in your company. WEBCON is empowered with a digital signature feature – this system makes it possible to handle end-to-end document-centric processes.
The WEBCON BPS allows you to quickly create business applications that are combined with workflows, forms and data models from scratch and even change them on-the-fly, even while the application is still running. The BPS system is capable of handling even the most specific cases, across multiple industries, regardless of your organisations size.

WEBCON Key Features

  • An intuitive multilingual system interface available through the SharePoint Portal, and any mobile device based on iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone and Windows 8
  • Graphical forms and workflow designer combines ease of use with the ability to deliver results quickly and smoothly
  • Advanced OCR engine automatically registers scanned documents in the system and indexes their content
  • Effective document management to handle hard copies and their digitalisation and documents added via email
  • Advanced integration capabilities enable two-way data exchange between WEBCON and your company’s IT System

User Interface

WEBCON BPS creates a single, convenient digital workplace that assists employees with their day-to-day tasks. With the efficient look and feel of SharePoint, handy Outlook and Word integrations and support for mobile devices, users enjoy a unified platform whose goal is to make their lives easier.

SharePoint Design

With WEBCON BPS, users enjoy the instinctively familiar interface offered by Microsoft SharePoint.
When everything works as expected, it’s much easier to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the applications you create. One after another, quickly, efficiently and easily.

Digital Desktop

With WEBCON BPS all your tasks are gathered in one place, along with all relevant information, documents and emails.
Everything you need is at your fingertips, whether in a web browser, via a mobile app or in Outlook.

Mobile Application

Everybody wants to be mobile these days. Android or Apple fans? Tablet or phone users?
With WEBCON BPS, mobile versions of process-centric applications are just one click away. All the functionalities you designed to work in a web browser can automatically be adapted to the mobile experience.

Personal Productivity Tools

90% of your workday is spent in Outlook? No worries. WEBCON BPS makes your business applications available there, so you don’t have to toggle between interfaces. Fill in forms, complete tasks and link your conversations without switching windows.
Personal productivity benefits are just the beginning. WEBCON BPS generates PDF, Excel and Word files when you need them. It also makes it easier to compare documents and can automatically update them when the content of your form’s changes.

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