What’s SharePoint and WEBCON like on Mobile?

What’s SharePoint and WEBCON like on Mobile?


As you may be aware, SharePoint Online has the ability to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing international companies to work and collaborate simultaneously. But what do you do if you don’t have access to a PC and only your mobile device? Today we will explain how our bespoke business solutions work on mobile and keep you in business on the go!

SharePoint Mobile
SharePoint Mobile Home page allows you to access all your SharePoint site, view users which you have recently interacted with on the site, and recent files you have accessed. Once you have opened one of your sites all navigation tools have been moved to the side, they can be accessed using the menu icon at the top left of the screen. Now, no matter the template used to build the site, web parts will display one after the other down the screen. Your branding and colours carries over to the app too keeping the sleek look of your intranet continuous on any device. SharePoint on Tablet mixes PC and Mobile, web parts will display like they do on your PC site, however menus display like they do on mobile.



WEBCON on mobile is very convenient for employees to input and send data. Each user is welcomed with a custom dashboard with information about how many forms they have sent and tasks they may have been set. It’s user interface feels very familiar to users who have never even used any WEBCON app. We build our process in a simple to follow way for users of all technical abilities; the app displays these very well and informs the user clearly that a process has been completed successfully. If a user has a large number of processes, they can customize according to most commonly used, and use the search bar to find any process available to them.

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