Where did all my Servers go?

It seems that over the last few years large noisy server rooms full of racks of wires, routers, servers and gadgets that no one dares to touch have mysteriously disappeared.

Where did it all go? And Why?

Well, in the large majority of cases it got moved into the cloud.

But just what is the cloud? Where is it? Who owns it? And how can it help my business?

As with most subjects in IT, it’s not a simple one sentence answer.

The cloud can be a mixture or a variety of things. To keep things simple and in perspective, all those noisy server rooms jammed full of wires and equipment still exist. They just got a whole lot bigger…..incredibly bigger!

Large providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM (and many others) have built large farms of server rooms called data centres around the globe and rent out chunks of their resources by using virtual computing technology. That’s a very simplified explanation. In reality it’s much more complex and technical than that, but using cloud technology actually is very simple and extremely flexible.

Dolphin Networks have built SharePoint, Business Intelligence and data warehousing projects for many clients using cloud computing. The power, speed of implementation and flexibility coupled with extremely competitive costs means that we can deliver project quicker and scale resources up and down in a few minutes to suit the requirements of our clients.

We are partners with Microsoft Azure and RackSpace enabling us to offer complete solutions that include full software and operating system licencing at partner reduced prices.

Worried about data security…..don’t be. We can show you solutions for both private and public cloud offerings where you can choose where your data resides, encrypt connections and provide certificate authentication.



We all need our information to hand whenever and wherever we are. We need to be connected and informed at all times, not just when we are tied to the desk. This famous image taken in St Peters square in 2005 at the death of Pope John Paul, and then the same scene 8 years later at a speech of Pope Francis speaks volumes about the mobile revolution and the way in which people have connected with mobile technology.

Every data or collaboration project needs to be mobile compatible to make it a complete, successful project. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a dedicated app for your project. It just means you need to develop your application to be small screen compatible, and run on mobile browsers. SharePoint 2013 already has many built in features that help you develop for mobile applications. It needn’t prolong the project lifecycle or blow out delivery deadlines. Usually, you don’t need all features to be mobile, just the information that your users need when they are on the move.

We can help you take the complexity out of delivering a fully mobile compatible solution to cover all accessibility aspects your users require. When it comes to SharePoint and Business Intelligence we can quickly guide you to a solution that’s right for you that won’t blow the budget.

Contact Dolphin Networks to find out how we can help set up your cloud deployment.
Alternatively have a look at our range of Azure and Cloud services. We offer consultancy and development services for a range of cloud based Projects.



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