Why You Shouldn’t Use Email for Sharing Documents In 2019

Why You Shouldn’t Use Email for Sharing Documents In 2019

Should I be using Email to share documents? Short answer, in this day and age, we don’t think so. There are so many alternative when it comes to sharing documents within your business. Saving time and lowering risk will result in your business running more efficiently, work will be produced faster and to a higher level if you follow some of the steps below.

What’s the Problem with Email?

When sharing documents over email you are creating another version of that document which can then be edited by another user making the two copies out of sync. If this process is repeated it can lead to a confusing number of documents, this causes the risk of sending the wrong information to a co-worker or client.

it can also be difficult to find documents in an email application, searching through your inbox can be a lengthy and repetitive process. It’s easy to skim through your inbox and miss new documents and therefore not even saved securely in your documents folder.

What’s the solution?

There are many solutions to help get your business in sync. Firstly, there are free applications such as Google Drive, which allows multiple users to work on Google Docs, sheets and slides at the same time, these programs work just like the office programs and can run word files making a migration easy. Seems great, however there are some disadvantages to Google Drive. Firstly, though its securer than Dropbox it is not as secure as other paid alternatives. Be cautious of this and make sure you back up all your data. An easy way to do this on Drive is making another account and sharing all you document to the secondary account. To be extra safe you can always add more. Due to millions of people using Google Drive around the world upload and download speeds can be slow at times making it less productive than other solutions. Finally, you are restricted 15 GB of storage.

We do not recommend the use of Dropbox due to the risk off hacking, a much more secure and user-friendly option is Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive comes as part of the Office 365 package and is compatible with all the office applications on PC, Mac and mobile. It appears as another library on file explorer and can sync your documents to your Microsoft OneDrive, giving you the freedom to access your documents whenever you want. Unlike Google Drive you can save things to your Microsoft OneDrive when you are offline. Features like collaboration are disabled, however you know that your documents will be safe before you get back online.

If you want even more power and control from Microsoft OneDrive, a company intranet powered by Microsoft SharePoint opens OneDrive’s full capabilities. As a manager not only can you track your documents but others too. You can set your employees tasks straight from the SharePoint dashboard. Microsoft SharePoint can also display Business Intelligence along with other widgets. Here at Dolphin Networks we Create Bespoke SharePoint Intranets for businesses big and small. We can not only make the page visually corresponding with your brand but develop customized tools for your business. To make document management even more efficient we can apply WEBCON Business Process Management to the project. This will allow you to quickly make documents using set templates for things such as leave request and incident reporting, it will then automatically send the document to the relevant person or department to action your request. We are WEBCON’s largest UK partner and work closely with them to create the ultimate solution for our clients.

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