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Power you digital workplace with a smart intranet. Dolphin Networks has partnered with the top-rated, evergreen, intranet provider; Wizdom. As veteran SharePoint developers and consultants, we are constantly looking for ways to expand our SharePoint horizons, and with Wizdom the possibilities are huge!  Wizdom will help your company build thier intelligent workplace.

So, Why Wizdom?

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Engage with targeted news communication​:​

Use Wizdom’s news, communication, and social enterprise components for compelling news communication and easy content creation.


Keep content fresh​:

Secure your intranet against outdated content with Wizdom’s modules for content governance.​​​

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Connect people​:

Connect your staff across departments and offices. Use the New Employees and Birthdays modules to encourage interactions between employees​.

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Keep compliance effective​ and ensure GDPR Compliancy​:

Ensure employees have easy access to business-critical information with Wizdom’s features for delivering accurate instructions and keeping track of compliance.​​​​​

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Empower with social​​:

Strengthen employee engagement and enrich the intranet with the voices of your staff. Wizdom supports social features in connection with all intranet content.

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Take collaboration to new heights:

Help increase engagement level and achieve higher project success rates by super-powering employees with best-in-class collaboration tools.​​​​

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Deliver rich media content​​:

Drive your message home with visual content. ​Wizdom makes it easier than ever before to create powerful content with video and images.​

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Offer intranet on all devices​:

Meet users where they are with Wizdom’s mobile app and responsive design.​​​​​​

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Help users find their way​:

Help users succeed in their quest for information. Wizdom’s audience targeted menus and quick links enable you to deliver an intuitive information architecture.​​

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Meet unique needs with Extensibility:

The Wizdom product is characterized by being highly and easily customizable. Wizdom extensibility provides you with the framework to construct your own custom features that fulfill the unique needs of your organization​.​​​​​​​

Without Wizdom

With Wizdom


Features/ Benefits of Wizdom

Digital Workplace Highlights and Features


All Wizdom solutions have a rich and compelling designs, along with fully branded landing pages.

Personal Productivity:

Wizdom provides users with a personalised overview, service menu and power panel.

Find and Discover:

Rich navigation through mega menu targeting; targeted access to answers via the Wizdom quick links menu.

News and Notification:

Wizdom provides targeted corporate and personalised news.

Information Management and Compliance:

Policies and procedures module ensures compliance.

Projects and Collaboration:

Wizdom workspaces, and governing Team sites ensure relevant knowledge is shared on an enterprise level.


Wizdom’s mobile application allows for mobility.

Wizdom Partner Case Studies


Axpo’s existing SharePoint-based intranet, an individual development, had grown organically over several years…

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Widex is a family-owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, Widex has sales companies in more than 30 countries…

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Mulberry is an UK designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury bags and accessories. Founded in the early seventies…

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Wizdom Testimonials

We wanted to launch a Social Intranet with personalization options and initial social features, that would serve as the basis for institutionalized bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication. Axpo also renewed its corporate design. The new intranet is the first corporate solution to feature the new corporate design.“


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