Would Santa use Business Intelligence?

How would you keep track of 1.9Billion children? It would need an epic notebook to use an analogue method. Maybe a large spreadsheet to mark if you’ve been bad or good? How about when you’re sleeping and knowing if you’re awake?

We’d like to share a “Customer Story” with you…

We were approached for a last minute job this year, from a gentleman we’ll call Nick. Nick works hard all year, building toys and games for millions of children, but he needed help monitoring who has been good enough to receive one.

Times have changed for Nick, who was running his entire workshop using pens and paper- including all his orders for parts, spares and consumables. He knew it was time to bring his systems into the 21st century, but he didn’t want to lose all the historical data that he had gathered over the years.

What Nick needed was a full Big Data solution (for gathering data- knowing who was bad or good), and a Business Intelligence solution to interpret the data. He’d probably need a back end database too, maybe with collaboration tools available for his elves staff to see who was working on what and how they could make the most impact.

Dolphin Networks set out our plans, integrating the stock list, due deliveries, the parts, spares and consumables so that the workflows moved in one easy path.

We took Nicks “Naughty” and “Nice” lists as well as the “Sleeping” and “Awake” lists (after checking them twice) and created an easy to read matrix that let him see intuitively who would get what toy.

We also made sure to check stock counts with the Letters to Santa pre filled order forms, to make sure that no one was disappointed.

With a final check on his Tablet, Nick set off from his northern base to deliver the orders around the globe…


Merry Christmas from Dolphin Networks


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