How Document & Business Process Management Systems Help Your Business

Polya Yaneva

What is a Document Management System (DMS) and what are some of the benefits of using such a system?

Paper has long been used as a way of recording information, however it can be costly and often wasteful if not used responsibly. That is why more and more businesses turn to digital transformation, and, more specifically, the use of a document management system, which both reduces the paper use and improves information management.

There are many document management software providers, however the common thing between them is that they provide a system that eases the processes of managing, tracking, and storing information, and at the same time, reduces usage of physical storage. Furthermore, using such software, which allows for better document standardisation, control, and management, results in enhanced security, easier retrieval, and improved business collaboration and productivity.

Why is a document management process better than a document management system?

A document management system gives you the ability to store, create and version documents, enables your users to find documents easily, and of course apply a security structure to your content.

A document management process also does all of this, but in addition it gives you the added benefit of being able to drive your content creation and publishing through a bespoke workflow, so that documents can be correctly named, reviewed (by the right people for approval), stored in the correct location, and brought to people’s attention when required. It can also extend to providing a built-in automatic review and version workflow to keep content up to date and relevant.

As a solution, business process management software comes into place. This kind of software helps organisations and companies identify and define guidelines and steps, so a given process is executed and completed correctly. Moreover, the use of such software improves business agility, as it allows quick detection of what needs to be changed in a process and re-adjusted with minimal time lost. Another benefit from using this software is the increase in business efficiency, as the processes have an easy-to-understand design, which aims to enhance productivity and reduce the likelihood of human error.

How can combining SharePoint and WEBCON improve your business’ productivity?

DMS and BPMS are two different systems but when used together in a digital transformation solution, they can help increase business’ productivity, reduce unnecessary costs, and save time. SharePoint, a Microsoft web-based collaboration platform, can enable document and folder management with the information being stored in a central location. On the other hand, WEBCON BPS, a low-code business process solution platform, by using unique Instant Change technology, can power business automation within SharePoint. Having said that, those two platforms could be combined so that a bespoke solution for your business' pain points is achieved.

At Dolphin IT Solutions, we are experienced SharePoint & WEBCON developers, and we can help you develop a workflow management system for your business, omitting the need for complex code, relying only on low-to-no-code solutions.
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