How to Plan Moving Back into Your Office?

With the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday, we can now start to prepare moving back into our offices in the summer. However just like moving out, moving back in needs to be planned and prepared in order to continue business as usual. This blog will give you some key tips for moving back into your workplace.

Andy Taylor
Step 1: Basic Office Equipment
Let's start with the basics, first you need to plan how you are going to bring back office equipment that was taken home during the lockdown. Make sure everything has been cleaned using alcoholic solutions just in case and if possible, allow the user and user only to transport the equipment.

Step 2: Your System
Next you need to get your system up and running before you all move back in, them majority of businesses are now using a cloud-based solution due to the lockdown however this may be a new system. If you have any local servers you wish to place back into the office, this will need to be set up prier to the workforce coming back. Finally, check your internet speed and telephone lines. Due to COVID-19 Wi-Fi band widths have been reduced by BT to help prevent maintenance so its important to check that the Wi-Fi will be able to support your running business. If you require a data migration, then feel free to contact us at

Step 3: Safety Precautions
You may want to consider a new office layout to apply with social distancing. If this is not possible you must follow government guidelines and wear mouth protection. Make sure hand sanitiser is available to all staff and surfaces and door handles are cleaned regularly.

Step 4: Introducing Staff
Only introduce staff to your office if it will allow them to be more productive than working from home. As the virus dies out and risk is lower, then gradually introduce more staff.

We hope these tips will help you when the time comes. If you need any support with your IT systems such as Help Desk, Migration, Office 365 or SharePoint, contact us.

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