Max Barney

WEBCON and SharePoint System

The Max Barney Estate is a family run property company who have been intrinsically linked with central London’s properties for the last 50 years. The Max Barney Estate also encourages tenants to put their distinctive stamp on properties, to express their character and communicate their individual message. This is one of the many reasons why their properties are home to a community of over 1,000 businesses.

The Max Barney Estate also owns Containerville, located next to the Regents Canal. Containerville is described as a home for start-ups and small businesses, made up of 45 containers that are arranged over three floors, and have been up cycled into modern workspaces

Max Barney came to Dolphin IT Solutions to create new processes for the movement of tenants through properties (both in and out) and organising documents associated with properties, units, and tenants- meaning a Business Process Solution and Document Management System were needed. The solution had to be delivered in a short time frame, as well as integrating with Max Barney’s current systems.

As The Max Barney Estate and Dolphin IT Solutions have worked together, this brief has only expanded- with more Property and Estate Management Processes in the Pipeline, along with the build out of the Document Management System originally requested into a fully-fledged SharePoint intranet.

The Solution

Dolphin IT Solutions proposed the combined use of WEBCON and SharePoint for the solution; WEBCON for the Business Process Management, and SharePoint for the Document Management System. The reason for this is WEBCON and SharePoint work together with seamless integration.

Our expert business process developers built out multiple processes for the Max Barney Estate which include the:

  • Commercial Move- In process
  • Commercial Move-Out process
  • Containerville Move-In process
  • Qube Upload processes

These processes allow Max Barney to log any details, attachments, and correspondence between themselves, tenants, agents, solicitors etc… At specific times in these processes, email notifications are sent out to internal and external parties, with some automatically including specified attachments. Then, using the Qube Upload Process, a .NET API is run in the background to copy new tenant information from WEBCON up to the third-party platform Qube. This allowed the data to be readily available on all systems used by Max Barney. Finally, at the end of these processes, finalised and signed copies of documents are pushed to the correct folder within the SharePoint library Dolphin IT Solutions created for Max Barney. The SharePoint library is loaded with all Max Barney’s properties, along with a specified folder hierarchy under each property.

The processes also allow for the assigning, and re-assigning, of tasks to different colleagues, with dynamic instruction capability, and notifications to employees that they have been assigned a task. For example, to assign accounts to complete specific tasks around tenant bank details- with WEBCON’s special data type set to ‘Sensitive Personal Data’, these details will not be available to view to anyone without permissions and can also be erased immediately to comply with GDPR.

Max Barney’s SharePoint has now been built out to work as a branded, fully functional company intranet, alongside the original Document Management System. The intranet was created as a simple modern SharePoint site, with custom graphics and webparts that allow Max Barney to integrate and interact with WEBCON through SharePoint. The Max Barney Estate had a specific visual style in mind, so Dolphin IT Solutions built the intranet whilst working closely with a graphic designer who provided us with logos and buttons. To keep the intranet clear and user-friendly Dolphin IT Solutions split sites into departments, each with a communication site that sits underneath the parent hub site.

Dolphin IT Solutions and The Max Barney Estate have now also discussed further processes that will be used to build out their current Business Management Application, such as Rent Review, Lease Assignment, and Lease Variation Processes. As the original brief between Dolphin IT Solutions and The Max Barney Estate expands on its requirements the processes built with WEBCON have allowed, and will continue to allow for, instant change and rapid application development; meaning anytime in the future if an old process needs updating, the changes made will be reflected immediately.