Ultra Electronics

SharePoint On-Premise Intranet

Industry: Defense / Manufacturing

Ultra-Electronics is an electronics and engineering company based in the UK who mainly work in defence and other highly regulated markets. Other markets they work in include energy transport and cyber security. 20% of their business is through the US DOD and 7% through the UK MOD, Other clients of theirs include Boeing, Rolls-Royce and EDF Energy.

The company want to evolve their internal IT system and gain the advantages of what a SharePoint Online intranet provides. With offices all over the world they required a system which made all their offices in sync. They required a system that could be accessed anywhere, anytime, so a cloud-based system was essential. They requested the system showed pop up notification, a function which SharePoint does not support. Due to the security of the company they required a rather complicated permissions system when it came to SharePoint lists. They wanted a system which allowed them to discover what different departments were researching in order to collaborate and stop duplication of work. The biggest issue was the deadline, Ultra Electronics required a system within four weeks of the brief, a challenge we were ready to face head on!


The biggest challenge for the project was building a complete working intranet in 4 weeks. We had two developers working on the project full time and two more part time. In the time we had to complete the project we developed a fully tested solution ready to be presented Infront of 200 people in America. The system was built on SharePoint Online, this gave users the ability to access the system from anywhere, on any device. ‘Ultranet’, unlike most SharePoint sites allows pop up notifications, as per the client’s request. Permission were set to lists by grouping users into categories via other sites, We created a tool for people to connect and collaborate call ‘Search For People’.