Cloud Hosting With Azure Solutions

Why choose a cloud hosting with Azure?

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High Availability

  • Microsoft has a vast global footprint & greater redundancy when compared with other cloud providers
  • Migrate your data & applications to wherever you want them to be
  • Data backup and recovery, redundancy, and failover.

Automated Functions

  • Process events with serverless code
  • Automated & flexible scaling based on your workload volume
  • Let Azure manage and run your custom code on demand and at scale in the cloud

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Easy to dynamically scale the data storage capabilities up or down
  • Respond to both foreseen and unforeseen changing circumstances of end customers
  • Setup automatic scaling based on a sudden spike in usage

Cost Efficient Platform

  • Understand and forecast your costs
  • Control your costs with a pay-as-you-go model
  • Optimise your workloads and reduce IT administration costs

The Benefits of Digitalising Your Data


We help our clients become more sustainable and contribute to a low-carbon future, by migrating business workloads from on-premise data centres to the cloud. This help organisations to become more carbon and energy efficient, which in turn helps achieve your business' sustainablility goals.

Disaster Recovery

With Azure Hosting, your data is automatically backed up to a secondary location, and in the event of a disaster, the data is available from the failover location. Get in touch with our cloud hosting consultants to discuss your company backup & restore requirements, what should be backed up first, and the cost involved.


Microsoft guarantees the best security and protection for all data held within Azure, by meeting international security standards and always working on improving its security offerings. Our Azure Consultants can offer you a variety of Azure services which ensures your data will be securely stored, and comply with data protection regulations.

Integration with other Microsoft Products

As a Microsoft product, Azure integrates well with other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft 365, Outlook, SharePoint, Power BI and many more services. Check out the Azure Hosting solutions we have delivered, and get in touch with our consultants to discuss your business requirements.

Our Azure Cloud Hosting Portfolio

DCTR - .NET Web Application Build
DCTR - .NET Web Application Build
Mace - Enterprise Survey Tool & Data Gateway
Mace - Enterprise Survey Tool & Data Gateway
Invesco - Business Intelligence Sustainability Reporting
Invesco - Business Intelligence Sustainability Reporting