Mozzaik365: SharePoint Add-in

Enhance Employee Experience within Microsoft 365

Internal Communication

Internal communication

Make your intranet the internal communication platform that develops corporate culture and mutual support.



Connect your teams and strengthen your corporate culture with the Digital Workplace: empower and engage employees.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Improve your knowledge management processes by centralizing knowledge, simplifying its distribution and connecting employees.

Mozzaik365 - SharePoint Online extension that enables the creation of collaborative intranets.

The solution enriches the Microsoft 365 ecosystem without needing to leave it.


  • Engage your employees whether they are working remotely or in-person
  • Communicate information to the right people at the right time
  • Facilitate access and distribution of information to target populations

Human Resources

  • Cultivate your company's values
  • Strengthen the connection with your employees
  • Facilitate online access to all HR services
  • Improve the digital life of your employees and allow them to fully thrive


  • Provide a smooth and accessible experience to everyone
  • Optimize team productivity by providing practical tools
  • Maintain control of your work environments in a consistent and completely secure manner

Management Portal

Centralise knowledge and make it accessible to all employees in SharePoint with Mozzaik365.

Optimise Your Search

Optimise Your Search

Make knowledge available through a fully customisable search that fits your company needs. Facilitate information retrieval with a clear and structured search result.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Improve the productivity by sharing best practices and safeguarding internal know-how in case of mobility. Allow quick and easy access to essential documents.

Make Contribution Easy

Make Contribution Easy

Expand your circle of contributors by offering an ElectronicDocument Management system that is easily accessible, easy to use and easy to add to.

Knowledge Portal

MODA: Personalised Dashboards in Microsoft Teams

Have a clear overview of the entire Microsoft 365 environment without leaving Microsoft Teams.


Create a Dashboard in Two Clicks

Choose the widgets from MODA’s widget catalog that best fit your needs and add them with a simple drag and drop to your dashboards. Deploy the dashboard to your target audiences with Microsoft integration. It's easy, efficient and optimal for improving the productivity of your organization.


Centralise Essential Information

View your emails, tasks, notes and upcoming meetings in a centralized workspace and launch your business applications with one click. Optimise the user experience in Teams effortlessly. Provide your employees the power to customise their own experiences.


Optimise the Mobile Experience

Deliver an intuitive, simple and seamless mobile experience. Strengthen connectivity and communication with your frontline workers by deploying the dashboard in the Teams mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mozzaik365 is a Microsoft 365 extension. This means it is fully integrated with your Microsoft environment. With Mozzaik365, all your users stay within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and can benefit from Microsoft 365 services including Mozzaik365's innovative features that complement your Digital Workplace.

  • 1. Our teams are Microsoft specialists: they know both SharePoint and the users’ expectations of a Digital Workplace. We develop a solution that perfectly meets your needs.
  • 2. The cost of a Mozzaik365 intranet is less important because we realize economies of scale compared to a specific development.
  • 3. Maintenance, bug fixes and upgrades are included in the offer and give you peace of mind in the long run.

MODA provides a unique access to your employees' work environment, allowing them to stay connected and increase their productivity without switching platforms. Imagine the best way to start your workday, having all your business tools and important information visible and centralised in your customised dashboard within Teams. This is now possible with MODA!

MODA is an application that aims to improve the employee experience and make the daily routine of your team memberseasier. How? MODA synthesizes all the information from Workplace and business tools into personalized dashboards. With a mobile-first approach, these dashboards are available anytime, anywhere. MODA is ideal if you want to increase employee productivity and engagement by leveraging the content already present in your SharePoint Digital Workplace.