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Transforming Microsoft Teams into a Digital Workplace

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What is TITAN Workspace?

Light up your Microsoft 365 by quickly rolling out collaborative features of SharePoint, without any training or customization. Titan Workspace is an Integrated App that delivers the seamless experience of SharePoint within Microsoft Teams.

Titan is easy to use for every business user. It enables you to monitor your target deadlines and employee productivity. Titan Workspace project management gives an integrated view of any joint initiative involving managing group initiatives, defining project teams with roles, integrating project tasks and much more.

TITAN Features

Document Management

Titan Workspace leverages document management capabilities of SharePoint and brings an integrated view of your document repositories within Teams.

Single Deployment

Enable separate, secure information flow by setting up separate digital workplaces from subsidiaries in a single M365 tenant.

Central Knowledge Base

24/7 Information access for everyone which makes remote working easier by saving time and avoid unproductive searches.

Guest User Portal

Share documents, assign and track tasks without the required Microsoft 365 license for guest users securely.

Our TITAN Services

TITAN Workplace Consultancy

Dolphin IT Solutions can help organisations fully utilize Microsoft 365 by introducing Titan Workspace to the business, whose aim is to enhance employee’s productivity and engagement. We can answer your questions such as what's possible with Titan Workspace, and guide you when choosing the right features of this product for your business.

Improve Internal Communication and Employee Engagement

Our experts can help your business utilise the power of intranet solutions, to manage news, announcements, surveys, events, Q&A, recognition, celebrations, social media feeds, knowledge bases, social connections, and more.

Improve Productivity of Remote Workforces

We can assist you with creating a central repository of knowledge, which makes the access of the right information easier for remote workers. This results in saving a significant amount of time that would usually be used to gain access to such information. In addition, timesheets can be captured, to provide a better analysis of where the manpower & resources are being consumed.

Extend Guest User Portals To Your Customers, Vendors and More

Our developers can assist you with the set-up and maintenance of dedicated portals for external users that allow you to share documents and other data & information in both an easy and secure way.